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Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Review

If you have a typical air conditioning system at residence, after that there’s a huge possibility that you experience having locations with not enough air movement as well as areas where there’s as well much-conditioned air being dispersed. This issue relates to the regular warm place and also cool place concerns that are usual to residences where a central air conditioning system for circumstances, has a whole lot of rooms to cover.

Suitable Applications

Light industrial, commercial, and also institutional centers
Small-large workplace; Server area; Equipment space; Shops; Restaurants( cooking area); Classrooms; Daycare
House( particularly those with glowing flooring heating unit), samll workplaces, light industrial centers

Ranked Cooling Capacity

9,000 – 17,200 Btu/h/ W.
6,000-42,000 Btu/h/ W (Cooling just); 8,000-42,000 Btu/h/ W (Heat pump).
6,000-48,000 Btu/h/ W.

Rated Heating Capacity.

10,900 – 21,600 Btu/h/ W.
8,000-42,000 Btu/h/ W.
36,000-60,000 Btu/h/ W.

Temperature Cooling Range.

To -13 ℉ exterior ambient; 100% home heating ability at 5 ℉ outside ambient.
To -25 ℃ exterior ambient; Cooling efficiency to -40 ℃/ -40 ℉; Quiet cooling procedure to 0 ℉.
Exterior: 23 ℉ DB ~ 115 ℉ DB; Outdoor: 0 ℉ WB ~ 60 ℉ WB.

Power Efficiency.

Approximately 30.5 SEER; 26.1 HSPF.
0-17.0 SEER (Cooling just); 14.0-17.8 (Heat pump); 8.5-11.0 HSPF.
2-6.5 (28% enhancement from ordinary to previous generation).

Effectiveness Classification.

Power Star ®.
Inverter-driven Compressor.

Cooling agent.


Element Recyclability.


Easy-to-care Filters.

Triple-action-Washable (10 years).
Easy and also cleanable to eliminate.
Anti-bacterial long-life filter is cleanable.

Flexible Control.

Smart Wireless remote controller; Optional wired & main controller, & outside air sensing unit.
Smart Wireless remote controller; Optional wired & main controller, & outside air sensing unit.
Person & streamlined remote controllers; System monitoring software application; BMS user interfaces.

Air Circulation/Distribution.

Double-vane air shipment; 5-step broad vane control; multi-fan rate alternatives.
Auto-vane control; 4 airflow settings.
Wide air movement with 72 patterns.

Sound/Noise Level.

As reduced as 21 dBA.

Various Other Great Features.

Vehicle Cooling/Change Over.
Integrated Drain Pump.
Feasible Rebates/Tax Credit.


12-years for components & compressor (when set up by Diamond Contractor); 10 years for components as well as compressor (when set up by a qualified specialist); 5 years for components as well as compressor (criterion).
12-years for components & compressor (when mounted by Diamond Contractor); 10 years for components as well as compressor (when set up by a certified specialist); 5 years for components as well as compressor (criterion).
Components & compressor: 12 years if mounted by a Diamond Contractor; 10 years if made by a Diamond Designer; Compressor: 6 years from the day of installment by a certified professional; Parts: 1 year from the day of installment by a Licensed Contractor.

Where conventional air conditioning, as well as home heating systems, stop working, ductless mini divided systems stand out. A relatively easy to fix the system, a ductless mini-split system is composed of an exterior compressor/condenser system and also an interior air trainer which are both attached by cooling agent lines and also electrical cabling system that is passed via a tiny channel in the wall surface. Ductless mini divided system is reasonably brand-new in the United States, however, it has actually long been commonly utilized in Europe and also Asia and also best understood as a reliable, affordable option to conventional systems.

More information: Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning Sydney

Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solution.

In regards to ductless systems, Mitsubishi Electric provides its Zoned Comfort Solution ™, a name for its collection of high-performance as well as highly-efficient single-zone as well as multi-zone air conditioning and also home heating mini divided services. The Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solution is offered in 2 setup kinds:

Single-zone cooling/heating. Defined by one outside device attached to one interior device, which as a system, allows you to efficiently take care of the temperature level in a detail area or specified area.
Multi-zone cooling/heating. Identified by one outside device linked to as much as 8 interior devices, which as a system, allows you to manage the environment in various specific areas where each space can be established with a details temperature level.

Why You Should Choose a Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split System?

Zoned Comfort Solution.

3D i-See Sensor.


Multi-Layer Allergen Filtration.

H2i Technology.

Remote Operation.

40% More Efficient.

Designs That Match Your Styles.

Mitsubishi Electric mini divides are Energy Star-rated, have high SEER rankings, up to 40% a lot more reliable than typical systems, crafted to give optimal air conditioning and also home heating efficiency, and also totally geared up with wise, effective, and also ingenious performances, attributes, and also innovations that you can not discover with various other ductless mini divided devices. To offer you much better alternatives, the interior system of the ductless mini-split systems are readily available in various designs, which consist of the wall-mounted, horizontal-ducted, ceiling-cassette, ducted air trainer, as well as floor-mounted.

Your Best Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Options.

The Mitsubishi ductless mini divided systems are classified in various collections with the equivalent designs defined for various one-of-a-kind applications. 3 of these ideal cooling services are the following:

M Series.

For the inverter-driven versions, the interior devices are offered either as wall-mounted, small flooring, or 1-way cassette. The wall-mounted versions are consisted of in the MSZ-F collection, MSZ-G collection, MSZ-H collection, and also the MSZ-S collection. The small flooring versions belong to the MFZ collection while the 1-way cassette devices are consisted of in the MLZ collection.

Mr. Slim Series.

A collection of high SEER-rated systems, Mr. Slim’s designs are really effective as well as take in a considerably minimal quantity of power than standard systems that are utilized in the very same settings. These systems are additionally ultra-quiet, extremely inconspicuous, as well as constructed with innovative control choices. The interior systems of the Mr. Slim collection are offered in various designs, which consist of the wall surface placed ceiling cassette, ceiling put on hold, and also ceiling hid ducted.

MXZ Series.

Created for multi-system air conditioning, the MXZ designs supply high power performance as well as adaptability in terms of increasing the ductless remedy in a multi-room setting. The MXZ devices can be made use of for applications that call for a link of numerous interior devices to one exterior device.

Various Other Mitsubishi Ductless Systems Line-up.

Besides the previously mentioned lines of miniature split items, Mitsubishi Electric has a couple of various other collections, that include the S Series that consists of 2 sort of interior devices and also the P Series that includes 8 interior systems as well as 4 exterior systems. The supposed ZUBADAN Series is likewise readily available, a line of systems that used the Flash Injection modern technology. When it comes to huge multi-systems, Mitsubishi Electric likewise supplies the extremely reliable CITY MULTI versions with super-high COP (coefficient of efficiency) scores.

Locate Your Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System at ComfortUp.

A ductless mini-split system has actually been verified to be the ideal remedy when attempting to deal with the air conditioning as well as home heating difficulties that traditional systems can not solve. Obtain the best ductless mini divided for your residence by selecting from our lots of offered Mitsubishi ductless mini divided systems.



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