The Top Reasons To Conduct A Pre-Employment Background Check!


What would be the first thing that you would do if there is an opening in your company? You need to fill the position fast to ensure that the work doesn’t suffer due to lack of employees. The first step would be to post the job opening in the online portals. The interested candidates would post their applications. You can go through their resumes and conduct interviews to choose the best person for the post! Is that all? No! The Triton blog post diverts our traditional mindsets to the most vital point we usually tend to miss while choosing employees for the job; the pre-employment background check!The link also describes in detail about the importance of conducting pre-employment background checks.

If you still think pre-employment background checks are not necessary and are just a waste of time; think again! Here are the top reasons that make pre-employment background checks a necessity:

Unveils Hidden Criminal Histories
Let us be practical. No one is going to convey the real truth about themselves especially if they have a previous criminal record. A pre-employment background check digs up the hidden past of the applicant and finds whether they have a criminal history or not. Those people who have a criminal past would most probably be unreliable, dishonest and dangerous too. Sometimes the charges might be non relevant or minor. In that case, also the employer at least gets the correct information about the employee before hiring him/her.

Picks Up The Past Infractions
The background check is a detailed check of the candidate, and it can help you to find whether they had several driving license suspensions due to irresponsible driving. If you are choosing the candidate for a job that involves driving a vehicle and dropping goods at client destinations; then a person with a poor driving history cannot be considered for the job. Similarly, if the person has debt histories, non-payment of credits, etc. then also it is better not to appoint the candidate for a responsible job that involves handling of huge amounts of cash transactions.

Instill A Drug-Free Environment!
The last thing you want in your workplace would be a person who is a drug addict and abuses other employees due to drug overdoses! A pre-employment checkup helps to distinguish candidates who were charged with drug charges in the past. You can even conduct a drug test to find out the ones who had started using drugs recently. Such checks and tests can ensure that you maintain a drug-free environment in your office.

Discern The Fabricated Stories!
People often tend to make up fabricated stories regarding their previous work experiences, job titles and employment dates. Pre-employment background checks can help you to discern such cooked up stories. The background check experts usually contact all the previous employers and cross-checks the information provided by the candidate.

Cross Check The Educational Details
Candidates not only tend to lie about their previous job details but also about their education too. They may forge some fake certificates and claim to hold degrees they don’t possess in reality. A pre-employment background check can be used to cross-check the educational background of the candidate and ensure their honesty and eligibility for the job.

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