Knowing The Benefits Of A Garden Tower To Grow More Plants

garden tower

Are you a nature lover? Do the sight and fragrance of plants excite you? Do you want to grow your vegetables? Do you want to eat and stay healthy? Do you want to cultivate an organic produce for your family? Are you worried about not having enough space to grow your favorite plants? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then here you go with a single solution to meet all these requirements.

A garden tower helps you grow about 50 different species within a space of four square feet. It is a rotating composter that uses kitchen wastes to cultivate plants organically. The garden tower reviews speak about its importance to sustain a biological ecosystem. It allows the recycling of nutrients to support the plant growth. The portals of discuss the eco-friendly ways to preserve the natural resources. You can continue to read further to know more about the purpose of using a garden tower.

About the garden tower
The garden tower 2 is the latest version designed using HDPE food-grade plastic. It is six cubic feet tall and stable to UV rays. It is 25 inches wide and weighs 36lbs. The vertical garden tower is known as the enhanced self-contained garden that is free of BPA and other toxic plastics. It makes use of an antioxidant package to improve health. The garden tower is durable with ingredients approved by the FDA for use.

It can grow as many fruits, herbs, and vegetables organically. The garden tower is a revolutionary discovery that gives a new idea to vermicomposting, urban and home gardening. Most importantly, it removes the need for weeding and electricity. It prevents the water and nutrient loss when compared to the conventional gardening methods.

Attractive attributes of the garden tower 2
The garden tower 2 has better stacking features that help you customize the height of the tower based on your needs. It reduces the soil compaction. The best part is that the garden tower can rotate 360 degrees with a unified bearing track. So, if you find only one section of the plants receives light, then you can turn it accordingly to enable a balanced growth.

It provides optimum exposure to sunlight to support the maximum growing potentials of the plant. The garden tower offers better nutrient delivery with a perforated vermicomposting tube at the tower’s core. It also provides more aeration. It has a removable drawer to add compost. The structure of the garden tower is massive and broad offering a secure anchor. You can fit it almost at any place.

Growing plants in the garden tower
Always choose plants based on your growing and climatic conditions. Some plants are well adapted to different temperature ranges whereas others prefer warm or cool weather. So, make your choice wisely. If you use greens and tomatoes daily, then make sure to grow them in your garden tower. It allows you to grow your favorite varieties of vegetables. Arrange the larger plants at the bottom and smaller ones on top. Do not overcrowd. Enjoy those precious moments by growing your favorite plants in your beautiful garden tower.

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