Guide To Determine The Proportion Of A Room To Be Set Aside For Furniture


When one decides to buy furniture for a room, often we do not consider the proportions in the room that can be used to place furniture. Determining the proportion helps you to place the furniture perfectly and easily in such a way that it blends with the room and makes it look aesthetically beautiful. The popular furniture providers, 740 Designs furniture hire Perth always urges its customers to consider the proportioning of rooms before deciding on the furniture. The innovative home design specialists also describes in detail about the process of proportioning rooms.

What Is Proportion

Contrary to the popular belief, square foot area of a room alone does not determine the proportion of a room. Many other factors like size of windows, the height of ceilings, height of window sills, doorways or openings in the room, etc. together determine the proportion of a room. Always set aside areas for traffic flow depending upon the relation of a room with other rooms near it. In case the room has a fireplace there should be a focal radius around it where there should not be any types of furniture placed.

The purpose for which room is used also determines the proportion of furniture. A master bedroom will have a different purpose from a child’s room. A child obviously would need more space to run around and places to stack up to their toys. Similarly, a kitchen would have a different purpose from the music room. Music room would need to be arranged differently. Hence, the purpose of the room is also one of the deciding factors of a room’s proportion. Also, make sure you measure the dimensions of width and height of the room before deciding the furniture to be placed in the room.

Here are some of the factors that help you decide the proportion:

Grouping Furniture

Visually balance the room with groups of furniture. In areas where you would sit and converse, two chairs could be placed at a height similar to other chairs in the same room. This ensures that when people sitting on different seats in the same room talking to each other, they remain in the same line of sight and height. If a room has horizontal shape, then line the furniture in such a way that it remains in the line of sight. Never place furniture in different heights. In case the entrance to a room is blocked by a sofa’s back side, then try choosing a sofa that has a low profile back portion so that the entire view of the room is not blocked by the back of the sofa.


Obviously, dimensions of a room are one of the important factors that determine proportion. Take out a measuring tape and start measuring the dimensions of the room- length, width, and height. If possible, make a rough sketch room plan using a pen and paper. Make sure to mark the position and dimensions of doors, windows or other openings of the room in the plan. Also, measure the window sill heights. This height would influence the height of a chair or sofa you intend to buy. It is better to place the sofa against the main wall in a moderately sized living room.

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